"I feel that texture plays an important element in my work," says Rochelle Weber of her original acrylic and resin trompe l'oeil paintings.

Born and bred New Yorker Rochelle Weber takes her artistic inspirations from her roots. The richness and diversity of New York City life is reflected in her jewel-like luminous paintings of famous subway stops.

Her innovative technique allows her paintings to take on the luster of ceramic tile. The depiction of theater posters and advertisements in her paintings evokes nostalgia and celebrates the rhythms of contemporary New York. Less interested in making exact replicas Weber expresses her artistic sensibility through her use of color, shape and the humorous juxtapositions of station names and ads.

The viewer becomes the passerby in Rochelle Weber's participatory paintings. Her paintings are like taking a little piece of New York City home.

We are proud to present the original works of Rochelle Weber.

(from 1993-1994 shows in Soho and Trump Towers, NYC)

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